Kick the habit to save your brain

You know that smoking is bad. It can lead to cancer and heart disease -- but, of course, you know that, too.

You may have even tried to quit already. But once cigarettes have got you in their stronghold, they're a tough habit to kick.

Well, I'm here to give you a little more motivation to try a little harder -- because it turns out that smoking can increase the risk of BLEEDING in your BRAIN.

When you've got one of those brain bleeds, blood starts "leaking" in the area surrounding your brain, causing your "worst headache ever" -- as well as confusion, vomiting, double vision, and even seizures.

It hits without warning -- and its survivors are often left with severe disabilities. About half the victims of brain bleeds die.

And if you're a heavy smoker -- about a pack a day -- you need to pay attention to this.

Last year, researchers in Finland reviewed data on more than 65,000 adults and found that women who smoked 21 to 30 cigarettes a day were more than EIGHT TIMES more likely to suffer a brain bleed.

Think you can just "cut back" a little? Sure, you'll reduce your risk -- but you won't eliminate it.

Because the women who smoked 11 to 20 cigarettes a day still QUADRUPLED their risk of a brain bleed. And those who smoked only 10 cigarettes or fewer a day -- just a half a pack -- still TRIPLED their risk of a brain bleed.

Men weren't in the clear, either -- because heavy smoking also increased the risk of a brain bleed in guys by three times, compared to non-smoking men.

The safest route here is to never start smoking, especially if you're a woman. But if you already smoke, then your best bet is to quit... and to quit now.

Because ladies and gentlemen, if you kick the habit now, you can reduce that risk.

Don't try to do it on your own -- but don't ask your doc for a prescription for a pill that's loaded with risks, either.

You might even be tempted to try the patch, the chewing gum, or "vaping" -- but then, you might just end up trading one habit for another.

Your best bet is to go "cold turkey" and talk with a holistic doctor who can recommend natural methods, like acupuncture, to curb those cravings.

As a medical acupuncturist, I've seen first-hand how this ancient Chinese therapy can work!