Tame your hot flashes with this wild plant

Ladies, if you're going through "the change," every day might feel like a heatwave... even when it's cool out.

As your body's estrogen levels are falling, the mercury is rising on the surface of your skin -- and each "hot flash" makes you break out into a sweat, lose sleep, and feel more than just a little irritable.

But according to a new study, you can dial down the symptoms of menopause naturally with a wildflower known as red clover.

In the new study, Danish researchers randomly divided 60 menopausal women who suffered from at least five severe hot flashes daily into two groups. Every day for three months, half drank five ounces of fermented red clover extract, while the other half drank a placebo.

By the end of the study, the red clover group had significantly FEWER hot flashes, compared to the controls -- and the ones they did have weren't as severe.

The theory is that red clover works on these menopausal symptoms because it contains isoflavones -- a.k.a. "phytoestrogens," which are plant-based chemicals that have effects similar to estrogen in your body.

Sadly, hot flashes may not even be the least of your woes while you're going through "the change." Your bones may become thinner... and your cholesterol might go through the roof.

But previous studies have shown that red clover can address those menopausal complications, too -- not only by slowing bone loss and increasing HDL ("good") cholesterol, but aso by making arteries stronger and more flexible!

And in this latest study, before-and-after scans of the women's spines and hips showed less bone loss in the red clover group, compared to the placebo control group.

So, if you can't stand the heat for one more day... or soaked sheets for one more night... give red clover a try.

The study used a Danish fermented red clover product -- which is more digestible, more easily absorbed into the bloodstream, and therefore more potent -- but if you can't fly out to Denmark anytime soon, no need to worry.

You can easily find red clover supplements in capsule or liquid extract form at your local health food store or online.

I also recommend a number of other phytoestrogenic supplements like flax, alfalfa, and black cohosh. You can usually find them together in one well-balanced menopause support formula.

And while you can also find isoflavones in soy, I typically recommend eating more soy-based foods (like tofu or edamame) rather than taking soy supplements.

Talk to a doc who's well-versed in integrative medicine about the right dosage for you.