Save your manhood by watching and waiting

There's a big problem with the way mainstream medicine treats cancer. Its aggressive "search and destroy" method leaves most folks feeling worse than ever.

In fact, most patients aren't taken down for the count by their cancer -- but by their treatments!

And gentlemen, the overtreatment you may receive after a prostate cancer diagnosis can wreak havoc "down there" -- in both the bathroom AND the bedroom.

Talk about a kick in the crotch.

But according to the latest research, there's good news for men with early-stage prostate cancer -- even if you've got a family history of the disease.

In a recent report published in BJU International, researchers found that most of the time, early-stage prostate cancer patients can forego surgery and radiation, which up until now were pretty much standard fare for any guy considered "high risk."

That's right, even if your father AND grandfather also had prostate cancer, you can opt for what we call "active surveillance."

Instead of the "slash and burn" approach, it's more about watching and waiting -- giving regular blood tests and screening for tumors to make sure the cancer isn't spreading or progressing.

And, most times, prostate tumors DON'T grow OR spread.

This new meta-analysis shows the progression of prostate cancer was NO DIFFERENT between the men with a family history and those without. The "high-risk" tumors didn't grow more quickly, and the cancer didn't spread more rapidly.

Previously, active surveillance had only been recommended if you're in the "low-risk" category -- and it's been shown that those guys who've chosen to monitor their prostates live just as long as those who choose to zap them.

Plus, the guys who opted out of the "scorched earth" method were able to keep their quality of life -- they were able to perform their manly functions AND avoid the incontinence that often comes after more aggressive prostate cancer treatments.

Regardless of where you fall in terms of risk, there's plenty you can do to lower your risk and protect yourself from getting hit "below the belt":

  • Exercise daily: Research shows the adrenaline released when you exercise can trigger an immune response that actually SHRINKS tumors.
  • Supplement with quercetin: It's a powerful antioxidant that helps control the inflammation that damages your tissues. And, it helps cut off communication between cancer cells, which can SLOW tumor growth.
  • Reduce your toxic load: Exploding cancer rates are linked the thousands of toxic chemicals that we all come in contact with every day. Limit your use of plastics, whose chemicals can disrupt your hormones and even mimic estrogen -- and any elevation in estrogen can lead to prostate cancer.
  • Switch to a Paleo diet: You want to reduce the amount of estrogen in your diet, so make like a caveman. Eliminate sugar and carbs, and stick to lean meat, fatty fish, and lots of veggies. Studies have also shown the disease-fighting power of eating just a handful of nuts!