Beat pollution with B vitamins

We know that air pollution is a killer.

An American Lung Association study has shown that low air quality will shave YEARS off the lives of more than half of all Americans.

In Hong Kong, higher air pollution counts increase the risk of dying from ANY form of cancer by 22 percent.

And a recent article in The Lancet said that living close to heavy traffic -- and breathing in all that car exhaust -- is associated with a higher incidence of Alzheimer's.

But according to the latest research, the bright light of B vitamins is shining through all that dark smog -- because a new study from Columbia University reveals that they can protect your heart from air pollution.

In particular, B prevents a nasty little particle from car exhaust called PM2.5 from wreaking havoc on your cardiovascular system.

The study showed that high doses of B vitamins -- specifically, folic acid, B6, and B12 -- brought down the effects of PM2.5 by as much as 76 percent, nearly offsetting the negative impact of the pollution ENTIRELY!

Researchers recruited healthy, non-smoking volunteers who weren't already on any form of B vitamin supplements (or any other medication, for that matter).

Without B vitamins, just two hours of exposure to PM2.5 had a substantial impact on the volunteers' hearts, as well as their white blood counts. Taking B complex vitamins for two years following the exposure nearly eradicated the damage that had been done -- and protected them from future damage as a result of subsequent toxin exposure, too.

And it worked whether the volunteers were young, strapping teenagers or older folks in their 60s.

Now, I've written an awful lot about the magic of B vitamins -- and for good reason. Their benefits have been proven in innumerable scientific studies.

B vitamins can stop cancer pain in its tracks, repair cell damage from too much sun exposure, improve hypertension, and combat memory loss -- and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

And since we're ALL exposed to air pollution -- EVERY day -- there's no reason not to put on a "suit of armor" by bulking up on your B vitamins.

You can get vitamins B6 and B12 by eating lots of Paleo-friendly foods like liver, chicken, and other meats, as well as nuts, fish, eggs, and milk.

But the dosages used in the study were much higher than what you'd get from diet alone. So add on a supplement, and be sure to look for "B complex" on the label.

I also recommend taking a daily probiotic or spirulina to help rid your body of toxins.

And while you can't yet control the quality of the air outside, you can install a HEPA air filter to limit the toxins you breathe while you're at home. Keeping the inside of your home dust and dander free, will help air quality too.