Stop diabetes in its tracks... with meat!

I don't know what it is.

I can give candy out to trick-or-treaters in October without taking even one bite of it for myself. I walk right past the heart-shaped boxes and Whitman's Samplers in February without a second thought.

But this time of year, I've got to resist the urge to bite the ears off of a chocolate bunny.

Of course, I DO resist that sugar bomb, which won't do my blood sugar, my mood, or my waistline a bit of good.

And it helps if I shift my focus to a nice slab of meat.

No one should have to go on a hunger strike to keep diabetes at bay -- because going Paleo can help you lose weight AND keep your blood sugar balanced.

And you'll end up and eating MORE of the foods you love!

A study last year involved 70 obese, postmenopausal women who hadn't been diagnosed with diabetes and/or cardiovascular disease but who were at a particularly high risk for developing either one of these diseases.

And what happened next will be music to your ears if you can choose chicken over a Cadbury Crème Egg: The women who followed what I'd consider a modified Paleo diet lost BOTH weight and belly fat.

But here's where the study really gets interesting: By analyzing the volunteers' blood samples, researchers found that the Paleo diet seemed to reduce insulin resistance, an early indicator of diabetes.

If you're already at risk for type 2, avoiding insulin resistance can help bring your blood sugar levels to normal... and KEEP them there.

Plus, previous research has proven that Paleo will also keep diabetes at bay by keeping your weight in check -- without forcing you to starve yourself. And that's a good thing, because with every pound that you pile on, your risk of type 2 diabetes soars.

The Paleo diet focuses on delicious animal protein, beans, nuts, and vegetables -- the kinds of things our cavemen ancestors ate. You can even eat eggs!

I regularly recommend it to my patients, because of all the positive effects it can have on so many different areas of their health.

And they're always happy to learn that getting healthier -- and avoiding proven killers like diabetes and heart disease -- doesn't mean having to go hungry.

Just remember that you're better off eating a hearty rabbit stew than one of those bunny-shaped, sugar-coated, marshmallow treats.