You're carrying around THIS deadly toxin -- inside your head!


People have also known for decades that the metal is a deadly neurotoxin. Mercury poisoning can cause tremors, vision and hearing changes, and memory loss. It can even cause seizures and, in extreme cases, death.

But until now, you probably thought you were safe from mercury if you didn't bite off the end of a thermometer... or shatter one of those "CFL" lightbulbs... or eat too much tuna.

Thanks to recent findings, you've also tossed any of those skin creams that were found to contain mercury.

As it turns out, though, you STILL might be getting exposed to mercury every day -- even every MINUTE -- because if you've got any of those "silver" fillings in your teeth, the toxin is ALSO inside your mouth.

And now, according to a new study, the mercury doesn't just stay in your mouth. It can actually get into your bloodstream.

Dentists have been using "amalgam" fillings for over 150 years. They're actually made of a mixture of silver, tin, and copper, and -- no kidding -- 50 percent liquid mercury.

Every time you bite, chew, brush, or floss, it can release mercury vapors into your mouth. Still, we've always been told that it's such a small amount that we shouldn't worry.

Finally, new research on over 15,000 patients has conclusively linked amalgam dental fillings with mercury contamination in the bloodstream.

People with eight or more fillings had a very high risk -- their blood contained about 150 percent more mercury than blood of people with no fillings.

Now, considering the fact that you've probably got 32 teeth, eight fillings is a lot. But if you grew up in a certain time... in a certain area of the country... without proper brushing, flossing, and other dental care... it's likely that a quarter of your teeth may have gotten cavities.

I know some people our age who've got a MOUTH full of "silver"!

Dentists push mercury amalgam fillings on patients because they're cheap and relatively easy to work with. Plus, because liquid mercury makes the material pliable, they can withstand years of biting and chewing without shattering or popping out.

But thankfully, you have choices about your dental fillings.

Gold was the, well, "gold standard" before mercury amalgam gained popularity because they're very durable. But unless you've recently struck gold, they're not very affordable.

A skilled dentist can replace your existing silver amalgam fillings with other non-mercury options, but it's important that he really knows what he's doing -- because even just REMOVING those old fillings can release mercury vapor into your mouth.

To determine whether you've already got mercury in your bloodstream, see a holistic doctor who can test your blood levels. If you do, he can work with you on chelation therapy, which can rid your body of toxic heavy metals and other chemicals.

I recommend a member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.