Soothe your aching muscles with omega-3s

Whether you're getting back on the horse... or hopping in the saddle for the first time... staying active is always a good idea.

But if you're a little on the older side, the next day you may feel like you were run over by that horse.

But a new study finds a natural way to avoid that soreness and still get the exercise you need.

There's just one catch: You need to start doing it before your workout.

And not just for a few minutes... and maybe not even a few days... because the women in the study started doing it every day for A WEEK before exercising.

But it won't take a lot of time or money or even any kind of preparation. All you have to do is take fish oil!

In the study, taking 6 grams of fish oils (3000 mg of EPA and 600 mg of DHA) a day for a week before a single workout session cut their soreness in the upper and lower body by as much as 42 percent.

Sure, that still leaves a little more than half the pain behind, but that should be enough to make it bearable.

Now, that dosage is a little higher than what I've recommended in the past (1 to 3 grams), but it's still perfectly safe. And at those high levels, the omega-3s reduced muscle soreness comparably to NSAIDs -- without the side effects and other dangers.

Those omega-3 fatty acids have also been shown to help fight off the debilitating pain of an RA flare-up before it starts.

If you're still having muscle cramps after a little physical activity -- or even without exerting yourself at all -- you may need something other than fish oil to get rid of them. For example, cramping and twitching especially in the legs is usually a dead giveaway for a magnesium deficiency.

Shortages of potassium and calcium can also trigger muscle issues as well.

Finally, make sure your fitness routine isn't knocking you down for the count. Exercising like a maniac can be bad for your heart; and moderate exercise is enough to reduce your risk of Alzheimer's, shrink tumors and slow cancer progression, and keep your blood sugar under control.

And even just a little activity goes a long way to help you live longer.

When you're done, reward yourself with a nice, hot bath. You'll burn even more calories by sitting there in the tub, and you'll help control your blood sugar while you're at it.