A "shocking" way to get rid of bedroom issues

I can't understand why so many men would choose to suffer in silence -- sometimes for years -- with a problem in the bedroom rather than get some help.

Sure, it can be a little embarrassing to talk about. And maybe you think it'll just "go away"on its own.

But these days, you can't turn on the TV without seeing a commercial talking about erectile dysfunction. The cat's out of the bag: It happens to LOTS of older guys!

So gentlemen, if you've lost your mojo, the time for you to start talking about it is now -- because a new study has discovered yet another drug-free way to put the rock back in your rock'n' roll.

And it just may shock you.

In an analysis of 14 studies of more than 800 men, low-grade ED could dramatically be improved by low-intensity shock wave treatment.

In fact, on average, the men considered their erectile function TWICE AS GOOD after receiving this "stimulating" treatment.

I know it's hard to imagine zapping your manhood with anything... and even a medical device might not sound any safer than, say, a cattle prod or a taser.

But fortunately, most of the guys in the studies were able to endure the treatments with no anesthesia. In fact, most of them reported no pain at all -- if anything, just a "tingling" sensation.

Now, you don't have to work up your courage just yet -- because this treatment is still in its experimental phase and hasn't been approved for use in the U.S.

But what this study tells us is that there are many ways of enough blood flowing "down there" -- which can usually clear up most mild to moderate cases of ED that aren't caused by disease or medication.

Instead of shocking your member into submission, you can get some high-voltage virility by supplementing with something that's already in your body, but you may not have enough of: testosterone.

Your T levels tend to wane as you approach your "golden years," so hormone replacement therapy with bioidentical testosterone can get them back up to where they were when you were at your peak -- and keep them there.

Your doctor should be willing to work with you on a plan to replace your depleted testosterone. But if he's not, there's something you can do right now, while you wait for a second opinion: try some vitamin D. Previous studies have shown a vitamin D deficiency to be linked with ED, so try upping your intake with supplements or eating Paleo-friendly foods that are high in D, like eggs and salmon.

But if the big D doesn't correct your ED, you're not out of options. Other scientifically-proven natural treatments like L-arginine and Korean Red Ginseng are safe and readily available at a reasonable price at your local drugstore. You can always try Korean Red Ginseng as a tea as well.