Big Pharma pushing dangerous statins on kids

Drug sales reps know that there's a surefire way to get tossed out of my office on their backsides.

Just show up and start talking about statins.

I don't think I've seen anything crazier in my career than the hype around these so-called cholesterol-lowering drugs.

My mainstream colleagues keep handing out statins like candy, even though they've been linked to muscle pain, cataracts, diabetes, and more.

And if the statins mania wasn't already crazy enough, it looks like they're coming for our kids now.

The American Academy of Pediatrics is working to change the guidelines and test kids as young as nine years old for high cholesterol!

Sure. Just show me one fourth-grader who has dropped dead of a cholesterol-induced heart attack, and I'll get on board.

And Pfizer is even selling a chewable form of Lipitor now. The next thing you know, they'll be putting SpongeBob on the bottle.

Listen, it's no secret that kids today are more overweight and unhealthier than ever. And it's all because they can't step away from their video games and iPhones.

But for God's sake, whatever happened to trying lifestyle changes first?

The fact that there's even a debate about whether we should be giving kids statins (and that there's at least one company planning for it) is downright preposterous.

If you have a kid or grandkid who's overweight, you can set them up for a healthy heart NOW with simple diet and exercise changes that can last them a lifetime.

Make Paleo-friendly meals with lots of animal protein and veggies. Reducing sugars and carbs helps kids with weight management and naturally lowers their heart risk -- all without the dangers of statins.

And finally, get those youngsters OUTSIDE... and if they can't figure out how to entertain themselves without "plugging in," sign them up for a class or team sport. The heart is a muscle -- and it needs a good workout... not drugs... to stay healthy.