Beat back memory loss and depression with this simple vitamin regimen

Remember the good old days when your mind was like a steel trap – and you could tick off every family member’s birthday and anniversary at the drop of a hat?

Now, some days it’s hard enough to remember what you had for breakfast.

For years we’ve been told that memory loss is just a natural part of aging – and that it’s only going to get worse over the years.

And if that’s never sounded acceptable to you, get ready to start making some changes – starting today.

Because new research out of Korea proves that you can start turning the tide on brain fog, memory loss and even depression in as little as 12 weeks.

And it all starts with a simple vitamin regimen you can begin right away.

In their new study, researchers gave seniors living in an assisted facility either vitamins B6 and B12 and folic acid, or a placebo. After just three short months, the group that had bulked up on B dramatically improved their results on a popular mental evaluation.

Now, we all know that B vitamins are good for you. They support thyroid function and are crucial to the health of your brain, heart, bones, and arteries.

But what these scientists wanted to find out specifically is whether an influx of B vitamins could ease the symptoms of mental decline by decreasing a potentially harmful amino acid in the brain called homocysteine.

Not only did homocysteine levels drop in those who supplemented with B vitamins -- but also their memories improved and depression faded.

And of course they were less depressed! I mean, is there anything more depressing than losing your precious memories?

This is just the latest study proving the importance of B vitamins to your brain function and overall health. Researchers from the University of Oxford and the University of Oslo are working on a new study that will be published later this year on this very same topic, and I look forward to seeing the results and sharing them with you.

In the meantime, as you’ve read right here seniors in particular tend to be deficient in some B vitamins because they become harder for our bodies to absorb from food as we get older.

So supplementing with B vitamins is a good idea even if you haven’t noticed too many of those “senior moments” occurring. You may just see your brain fog lifting and experience a better mood as a result.

Seems like a “no brainer” to me!