Chemo wipes out your immune system for good

First, do no harm.

That’s the vow every doctor makes before he or she is allowed to wear the white coat.

So, ladies, why is it that if you have breast cancer, they do the exact opposite, putting you in harm’s way with a sickening regimen of chemotherapy?

And now, a new study out of the United Kingdom has found that toxic doses of chemo not only wipe out your immune system while you’re receiving treatment, but they can leave your body wide open to other diseases PERMANENTLY.

According to the study published in Breast Cancer Research, chemotherapy drastically lowers the white blood cell count of breast cancer patients – and as you know, If your levels fall, you’re much more likely to get sick. And that’s the last thing you need when you’re being treated for cancer.

The drop in white blood cell count can last as long as nine months – or, even longer, because that’s just how long the study lasted, and the patients’ counts STILL hadn’t recovered by then.

Worse yet, your healthy cells that produce antibodies to fight future diseases can become permanently damaged – particularly those that fight against the bacteria that causes pneumonia.

So, before jumping headfirst into chemotherapy, carefully weigh your options, seek second opinions, and discuss established alternative therapies.

And if you do receive chemotherapy or radiation, it’s absolutely vital that you support your immune system long after the treatment is finished – and there’s no better way to do that than with intravenous vitamin C. I’ve been using it at my office to treat tumors and even to help patients recover from everything from the flu to heart disease.

It truly can wipe out any infection – and protect you from future ones.