See well into the future with leafy greens

Sure, we all find ourselves squinting at the newspaper a bit more as we get older…reaching for those reading glasses…struggling to adjust to the dark while driving at night…

But imagine losing your vision to the point that you can’t see the smiling faces of those you love or the sunset from your favorite spot.

It’s one of the most devastating things that can happen.

Over three million Americans have a condition that could render them partially or entirely blind, and half of them may not even know it: glaucoma.

It’s a leading cause of blindness – in everyone, not just seniors – and the thing about it is that there is no cure. Whatever vision you lose, you lose forever.

But one new study shows that just eating more leafy vegetables – such as lettuce, kale, and spinach – can significantly lower your risk of developing glaucoma and protect your eyes.

You see, glaucoma can be caused when there is an impairment of blood flow to the eyes – something you usually can’t even feel. And one of the important factors that regulate blood to the eyes is nitric oxide. Eating your green leafy veggies, which are full of nitrates, helps you produce more nitric oxide in the body.

Researchers at the Harvard Medical School found that eating leafy greens improves the blood flow in your eyes, helping decrease the risk for developing primary open-angle glaucoma, or POAG.

According to the study, which monitored over 100,000 people every other year for over 25 years, those who ate leafy greens each day were 30 percent less likely to develop glaucoma. They were also about 50 percent less likely to develop the type of glaucoma when vision is lost in the central visual field (as opposed to losing peripheral vision).

Although there’s nothing that can reverse the vision loss from glaucoma, it can be stopped from progressing – and, more importantly, can be prevented!

So head over to your local grocer or farmer’s market, and while you’re at it in the produce aisle, pick up some veggies in some other bright colors, too. It turns out that orange carrots, yellow corn, red tomatoes, and green broccoli are all also helpful in fighting off diseases…and saving your sight. Just make sure they’re organic.