Drop your fracture risk by one-third… all before 8 a.m.!

You spend the first half of your life never thinking about bone health.

And the second half of your life? Well, it’s all you think about.

That’s because by the time you hit 50, you’re in a race to save your thinning bones. And you know that any unlucky break could leave you with months of painful physical therapy -- or even in a nursing home.

But Australian researchers have found a delicious way to strengthen your bones and even slash your fracture risk -- all by the time you finish breakfast each morning.

According to a recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, sipping ordinary black tea can reduce your chances of breaking a bone by almost a third.

For the study, researchers followed the dietary habits of 1,200 women in their 70s over a 10-year period. Turns out that women who drink three or more cups of tea each day were 30 percent less likely to break their bones.

Three cups too much for you? Not to worry. Researchers found that even drinking one cup a day lowers your fracture risk by 9 percent.

Not bad for something that doesn’t require any more exercise than lifting a mug.

You see, black tea contains powerful antioxidants that actually keep an enzyme that breaks down bones from doing its job.

So while you’re sipping away, you’re actually giving your body the tools it needs to fight age-related bone loss. Just make sure you’re not adding sugar to your tea, as it can actually be harmful for your overall bone health.

Of course, your tea regimen is going to work even better when you combine it with other proven bone-building strategies. That means eating calcium-rich foods, exercising at least 30 minutes a day, and working with your doctor to replace hormones you’re losing over time.