If there's anyone I trust less than a politician, it's your unscrupulous neighborhood urologist.

At least politicians know what to do when caught with their pants down: Cry for the cameras and beg for forgiveness.

With urologists, the tables are turned. YOU'RE the one with your pants down... and when they're caught pulling a fast one, you won't find them begging for forgiveness.

Nope, they'll look you in the eye and act as if they're doing you a favor. They might even want YOU to beg for forgiveness for having the nerve to question them!

All I can say my friend is question away, because a new study proves -- AGAIN -- that these hacks are throwing science out the window to advance their own highly profitable agenda.

Even by mainstream guidelines, millions of men with prostate cancer are candidates for the "watchful waiting" approach. That's leaving the tumor alone -- no drugs, no surgery, nothing -- unless it shows signs of becoming more aggressive.

But very few of the men who meet those guidelines get "watchful waiting," with up to two-thirds getting treatment anyway.

Why? MONEY, and you'll find that not-so-subtle clue hidden right in the study: The men most likely to get the "watchful waiting" approach are men without insurance.

Yup... when there's no cash on the line, urologists suddenly become big believers in leaving the cancer alone.

For everyone else, it's treatment -- and when it comes to prostate cancer, treatment usually means stealing your manhood away with drugs or surgery. By the time they're through with you, you'll likely be left with a limp and leaky member and a lifetime subscription to the Diaper of the Month club.

But that's a club you don't have to join.

Because the best way to handle prostate cancer in most cases is to not even know it's there so you don't stress over it. If you're healthy and don't have any symptoms, don't bother getting screened.

And if you do have symptoms of a prostate problem, don't take anything a urologist says at face value. Get a second opinion, ideally from a naturopathic physician experienced in cancer care. I recommend a member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.