Instead of an eye at the top of the Great Seal we should have a finger, because everyone's always pointing at someone else.

We live in a society where no one takes responsibility for anything anymore. No matter what it is, it's someone else's fault -- and folks expect the feds to step in and magically solve all their problems (with YOUR money of course).

But gents, there's a very real problem you could be battling right now and I can confirm you truly ARE blameless for this one.

If your booming laugh has vanished... if you strength is sagging... if your whip-sharp mind has dulled... if your sex life has slowed down from 60 to zero... and if you have no idea where that spare tire came from... I've got the words you need to hear:

It's not your fault!

Mother Nature and Father Time have teamed up to play a cruel trick on you. After middle age, just when you need testosterone more than ever, your body shuts down production faster than a union shop at quitting time.

And one of the first and most noticeable tolls it'll take is on your mood.

You can go from healthy and happy to the living embodiment of a sad sack in no time flat, and new research confirms -- yet again -- that a bad day or bad luck isn't to blame for your blues.

Your finger should be pointed straight at those slumping hormone levels instead.

They don't have to fall too far, either. The new study of 200 men finds that even "borderline" testosterone levels -- we're talking about levels your own doc probably wouldn't be concerned about -- can cause your mood to head south fast.

And the risk isn't small, either. It's HUGE.

More than half of all men with these borderline low testosterone levels -- 56 percent -- also suffered from depression.

In any normal population of men at any given time, we'd expect that number to be somewhere between 3 percent and 4 percent. That means low testosterone increases the risk of depression by between 1,500 and 2,000 percent.

So if you have collected more than a few candles on your birthday cake and you have no idea why you've been feeling so crummy, don't blame yourself. Blame your hormones -- especially if your blues are accompanied by the other signs of low testosterone.

The government can't bail you out of this one, but luckily you can take matters into your own hands: natural supplements such as ram's horn can help kick-start your body's hormone factory back into working order.

And if you're still experiencing troubling symptoms make an appointment to see a doctor who has expertise in natural hormones. He can check your levels, top you off naturally -- and then keep tabs on you to make sure it's working.