Here's an easy way to get all the "exercise" you need and a good belly laugh at the same time: Ditch the car and take a stroll to your nearest gym. You know, the one that's always trying to hoodwink folks into signing up with those "limited time offers" that never seem to end.

Don't go inside, just peek in the window and watch all the masochists torturing themselves on hamster wheels and running nowhere as quickly as they can (but remember, it's not polite to point while you laugh... even if it's tempting).

Then, walk back home.

Do that every day and I guarantee you'll be in better shape that nearly anyone in that gym, plus you'll have more money in your wallet since your "exercise" didn't cost you a penny.

Walking is the best and only exercise you really need, because new research confirms just what I've been telling you all along: The REAL key to health and fitness in old age is regular light activity.

And if you can fit in a 45-minute stroll every day, you could be in tip-top shape in no time.

In fact, light movement such as walking (not even jogging) is JUST AS EFFECTIVE for improving your health as moderate and even vigorous activity, according to the new study in the American Journal of Health Promotion.

Manage 300 minutes of light activity per week, and you'll be 18 percent healthier than the sofa jockeys around you. Specifically, you'll have less pudge around your waistband, weigh less overall, have better control over your insulin and -- here's the most important part -- you'll be less likely to battle chronic disease.

The study proves, again, that fitness isn't about sweat and strain. It's about making sure you're not parked in a chair all day (and if you are, the studies also show a single furious treadmill session a day won't save your skin).

So put on your shoes, whether it's your walking shoes... golf shoes... bowling shoes... or dancing shoes. As long as those feet are moving, it all counts just the same.