We don't like to admit when the calendar's getting the best of us, so of course we don't want to talk about how we're not as strong as we used to be.

But you know it's happening.

You can feel it in your muscles, when you struggle to open a jar of sauce or even just a heavy door. Heck, the more candles you add to your cake the more you can practically SEE your muscles shrink before your very eyes.

Muscle loss and loss of strength are two of Mother Nature's cruelest tricks. But today, I'm going to help you make sure the joke's on her -- because there's a simple, safe and effective way to gain strength and regrow your muscle.

And you don't have to lift anything heavier than a gelcap and a glass of water.

The omega-3 fatty acids in the fish oil supplements that I hope you're taking right now are proven to protect muscle and even restore strength and reverse muscle loss.

One new study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows how fish oil capsules can reverse the toll of years of aging on your muscles.

In just six months, fish oil capsules increased muscle volume, as measured in the thigh, by 3.6 percent when compared to a placebo. For some seniors, that's the damage of more than 3 years of aging... wiped out by fish oil.

More muscle means more power, so the seniors given fish oil also had a 4 percent improvement in both lower- and upper-body strength -- reversing the toll of nearly two years of aging.

To get the benefits in the study, you need a higher dose than what most folks take. But at 1.86 grams per day of EPA and 1.5 grams per day of DHA, it's not even close to an unsafe dose (but speak to your doc anyway, of course).

The only downside is that the seniors in the study got their omega-3s from a version of fish oil that's a little closer to snake oil: the synthetic omega-3 fatty acids found in Big Pharma's overpriced prescription "fish oil" capsules.

Hey, at least it's not a drug.

But if you want the muscle-boosting, heart-protecting, brain-enhancing benefits of fish oil, stick to the tried-and-true. Save a few bucks and get a high-quality over-the-counter fish oil supplement from a maker you trust.