The barnyard secret to beating hay fever

You can lead a scientist to raw milk... but you can't make him drink!

Decades of MAINSTREAM research proves the best way to end the sniffles and sneezes of seasonal allergies is to get back to basics and drink farm-fresh raw milk.

The healthy bacteria in raw milk -- the bacteria KILLED by pasteurization -- is nature's number one immune-booster, giving your body the power to fight the reaction to pollen, ragweed and all those other seasonal misery-makers.

Of course, most docs won't admit that. Not long ago, they wouldn't even admit there's a connection between bacteria and allergy control.

But they have to admit it now, because new research shows that allergy patients who take probiotic supplements have fewer flare-ups, milder symptoms and a better overall quality of life.

All but six of the 23 studies in the review find at least some benefit to probiotic supplements for allergy sufferers.

But if you were hoping to find which bacteria work best -- if you were hoping for, y'know, a little RESEARCH from these RESEARCHERS -- then you're going to be disappointed.

The study ends with a "hmm... well that's interesting" and a guess that maybe some strains work better than others.

No kidding Sherlock.

Oh, you can bet they know the answer -- you can bet they know the best strains are the ones you'll find in raw milk. They just don't want to say it out loud, because backing raw milk is career suicide.

But the evidence doesn't lie: raw milk can turn allergies into a thing of the past, and I mean that literally.

While allergies have to some extent always existed, they didn't become a widespread problem until the early 20th century, when pasteurization was put into practice.

Today, everyone and his brother have allergies... everyone, that is, except folks who live on old-fashioned family farms and the Amish -- folks who still drink raw milk.

A study out of Sweden last year found that people raised on a farm have a tenth the risk of allergies of everyone else. A study in 2012 found Amish kids are 84 percent less likely to have allergies.

A 2011 study even spelled it out very specifically: farm kids raised on raw milk have half the risk of hay fever and a 41 percent lower risk of asthma.

That's the power of raw milk -- and if you've been sniffling and sneezing all spring, maybe it's time to put that power to work for you and your family.

Government know-it-alls have done their best to make raw milk hard to get, but they're fighting a losing battle. The more people learn about the benefits, the more they want it -- and the more they want it, the more widely available it is becoming.

Search online and you'll find a responsible supplier near you.