Nightmarishly long ER waits could put your life in danger

What do the DMV, Disneyland and your local emergency room all have in common?

Here's a hint: You could take your grandkids on Space Mountain -- twice -- and then renew your driver's license in less than the time it takes to see a doctor in the ER these days.

Hospital waits are so long you'd think they were handing out money instead of $30 aspirins.

Obamacare promised to change all that, but new numbers show -- surprise, surprise, surprise! -- that was just another lefty lie.

ER docs report that patients are crammed into their waiting rooms like sardines, with 75 percent saying the number of patients they see has skyrocketed since this disastrous law took full effect in January 2014.

And 70 percent say their emergency departments can't handle the crush.

Where did all those people come from? You can thank Obamacare and the "free" insurance you so generously paid for -- because it gave people access to doctors that DO NOT EXIST.

We're facing a massive shortage of primary care doctors, with even the feds admitting we'll be 20,000 short in just five years (and you can bet that's an optimistic number).

I warned this would happen years BEFORE Obamacare took effect. But did the powers-that-be listen to me? Of course not.

They went ahead and concocted a screwy law that puts millions of new patients into the system without creating so much as one new doctor to see them.

So you get what we have right now: ERs full of Obamacare moochers visiting for minor complaints from sniffles to skinned knees -- knowing it's all covered, thanks to you. And when you show up for something serious, like a possible heart attack, you have to wait hours before anyone will even take your name.

Friends, it may seem like it's too late. But the fat lady is just warming up and it isn't over yet.

There are GOP majorities in the House and Senate and a presidential election just around the corner. If there's a time to pressure your lawmakers and anyone hoping to win higher office, it's NOW. So keep up the pressure -- keep up the phone calls and keep writing those letters.

Let 'em know that if they don't make a change now, they'll be waiting in a line even longer than the one at the ER: the unemployment line!