Can this Indian tree bark fix your achy knee by golf season?

If there's a movie with a better final scene than Casablanca, I haven't seen it. Who can forget Bogart and Bergman, standing in the evening fog... an airplane engine humming in the background... saying their final farewells?

And if you think that's a sad goodbye, you ought to see what we guys go through when we put our golf clubs away for the winter.

If you live in the Snow Belt like I do, I bet that driver and your trusty 7-iron have been beckoning from the garage since late October.

But if you're worried that your golf season could be over before it starts... if that painful, arthritic knee can't tolerate a small bucket at the driving range, let alone 18 holes... I have the best news you've heard in a while.

There's a powerful plant-based cure that could soothe away the most stubborn joint pain and have your knee moving more smoothly than it has in years. All in time for golf season.

Boswellia serrata is an Indian tree that produces the same frankincense you read about in the Bible. And, trust me, Boswellia serrata works plenty of its own miracles.

An extract made from Boswellia serrata bark is a powerful anti-inflammatory that has been trusted for centuries throughout the Indian subcontinent to relieve joint pain. And the best part is that it's cheap, widely available, and you'll know pretty quickly if it's working.

In a small study published a few years back in Phytomedicine, every single knee arthritis patient taking Boswellia serrata reported less knee pain, more flexibility, and increased walking distance. And it took just eight weeks, which would give you plenty of time to get back on the links.

A second study found that Boswellia serrata worked as well as a powerful COX-2 inhibitor drug for treating knee arthritis. But those who took Boswellia serrata were still feeling great a month after the study -- while the benefits of the drug ended the moment volunteers stopped taking it.

And, of course, COX-2 inhibitors have been linked to heart attacks and strokes. And while you may have joked with your buddies that dropping dead on the golf course is the perfect way to go, I'm guessing you didn't mean it.

Listen, painful knee arthritis can mean the difference between playing 36 holes with energy to spare -- or limping around the putting green like the walking wounded. But you shouldn't have to rely on dangerous, addictive painkillers or risky (and, as often as not, unsuccessful) surgeries to treat your knee pain.

Give Boswellia serrata some time to work and see if it can finally bring relief to those achy joints. And keep that arm straight on your backswing.