Doctors telling Obamacare patients to take a hike

Think you've seen the worst of Obamacare? Well, I've got news for you today, my friend -- because as bad as it's been so far... "

You ain't seen nothing yet!

More than HALF of all Obamacare enrollees regret this deal they were forced to make with the devil. One recent survey finds 53 percent are so unhappy they're going to cancel their plans the first chance they get.

That's happening right now, as enrollment for next year gets under way.

And another new report shows why: It's not just that they're paying a small fortune for healthcare.

They're paying a small fortune for healthcare THEY CAN'T EVEN USE!

One guy who has been dutifully paying his premiums told USA Today he's called 30 doctors so far and still hasn't found one who will take his plan.

Yes, friend, Obamacare plans are about as useful as a bottomless boat.

The reason is simple math. These cut-rate plans pay at half the rate of other low-end insurance programs, according to the Medical Society of the State of New York.

If you're a doc trying to keep a clinic afloat with insurance bills, staff to pay, equipment to buy and med school loans to pay off, why in the heck would you accept these plans?

The answer is you can't -- so you don't.

This will get worse, not better, because we are in the midst of a doctor shortage so severe it's turning into a crisis. Within a decade, we will have 100,000 fewer doctors than we need.

Patients will be pounding at the doors, begging to get in The lines at medical clinics will look like the old Soviet breadlines. And if you've got a cut-rate Obamacare plan, you'll be at the back of that line -- and that's assuming you can get in line at all.

Fortunately, there is a solution for patients and doctors alike.

Just as patients are opting out of Obamacare, a growing number of free-market docs are opting out of insurance schemes completely. Instead of placing themselves at the mercy of reimbursements, they charge patients $50-$100 per month for UNLIMITED access to a doctor.

Some even make house calls when necessary!

These guys have also worked out deals for low-cost meds and affordable access to specialists when needed. It's a sensible, affordable free-market solution -- and if anyone has a brain in Washington, this will be the real future of medicine.