Use those turkey leftovers to chisel holiday muscle

Another Thanksgiving in the books, and you've got an icebox full of leftovers.

Now what?

You enjoyed the taters and stuffing -- but now it's time to dump them in the trash. Give the leftover pie to your neighbors. And use the dinner rolls to feed the birds.

But whatever you do, hold onto that turkey and eat it right down to the bone -- and then use the bones for broth -- because that leftover bird is the key to making it through the holiday season without gaining an ounce.

The not-so-secret ingredient is protein.

From Thanksgiving on, every big celebration has a bird, a ham or a roast beef at the center of it -- and if you go to the right parties, sometimes all three.

While everyone else has their eyes on the pies, you make a beeline for that protein -- enjoy as much of it as your belly can hold -- and you'll emerge in January looking like you've been chiseled out of iron.

Everyone else? They'll look more like holiday marshmallows, which is why scammy ads for gyms and diet programs dominate the newspapers on Jan. 2.

Protein is the key to building muscle without exercise, and the latest research confirms that even over-eating protein will help grow muscle.

Over eight weeks, 16 volunteers were put on either a low-protein or a high-protein diet and told to literally eat their hearts out. They were asked to over-indulge... just like you might in a holiday season that now seems to have grown to eight weeks.

Those who overate on a low-protein diet -- a diet loaded with carbs, like those holiday pies (not the mention the stuffing and taters) -- found 95 percent of those extra calories being stored as fat cells.

Yes, it's true... a moment on the lips, forever on the hips!

But for those who overate protein, nearly half of the extra calories got stored as lean tissue, aka MUSCLE.

So that's your secret -- and your answer for making it from Thanksgiving dinner to New Year's Day looking thinner and stronger, and feeling better than ever.

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