Drink this, and your DNA will fall apart!

The fearmongers in Washington are trying to scare you away from steak, raw milk, vitamins and good old natural tobacco -- yet those same buffoons will look you right in the eye and claim a little soda won't hurt you.

They'll pull a line straight out of the Coca-Cola PR machine and say a little sweet stuff can be part of an "active" lifestyle.

Well it's true, just not how you think -- because soda is certainly keeping doctors and morticians active.

Soda in any amount is a brain-rotting, heart-wrecking, belly-expanding poison, and the latest science finds drinking even a little bit every day will shave nearly FIVE YEARS off your life.

This isn't just some random computer projection. No, they got that number by using cutting-edge technology to examine the DNA of more than 5,300 people between the ages of 20 and 65.

They were looking in particular at the telomeres. If you're not familiar with the word, it's time to get acquainted -- because they're the little caps that sit on the end of your DNA, holding it all together like that little plastic cap at the end of your shoelace.

Every time your cells divide, those little caps get shorter.

And when they run out... well... you know what happens to that shoelace, right? It falls apart -- and so do you, because shorter telomeres will make your health fall apart.

The shorter they get, the higher your risk of cancer, heart disease, dementia, death and more.

The link is so solid that telomeres are just about the closest thing to an expiration date stamped on your body. Anything that speeds their shrink is causing that date to get closer -- and if you drink soda, that telomere shoelace is shrinking so fast that it's more like a fuse.

All it takes is 20 ounces of soda a day. That's a glass of soda at lunch and another at dinner -- less than two cans a day -- and your telomeres will shrink by the equivalent of 4.6 years of aging.

No other drink had that effect on the telomeres, so don't fall for the nonsense the corporate interests who write government guidelines want you to believe.

There is NO safe level of soda, period.