FDA indoor tanning stance leaves teeny-boppers burned

The crack of the bat. The cheer of the crowd. The smell of hot dogs cooking on the grill.

It's baseball season everywhere -- and even your local tanning salon is getting in on the action. Swing by any afternoon, and you'll see an army of teenage girls with faces so toasted and leathery by fake baking that they look like old catchers' mitts!

And these little princesses had better get their yearbook photos taken fast, because they're already living on borrowed time.

Gals who regularly visit indoor tanning salons aren't just wasting their cash -- they're throwing away their good health. And it's up to you to stop it, because Uncle Sam is proving once again he's not up to the job.

Faced with mounting evidence that unlike natural outdoor sun exposure indoor tanning boosts your skin cancer risk by a staggering 59% -- and after research proved teens were most at risk -- the FDA has taken the bold and courageous step of now requiring salons to put LABELS on their tanning beds.

That's the answer we've been waiting for, friend. Not some massive public health campaign -- just discrete labels warning that tanning is dangerous for teens.

And if you think these million-dollar salons are going to grow a conscience and start turning away the cheerleading team at the door, you may have spent too much time in the sun. Getting into a tanning salon is like getting accepted at a community college -- just flash some cash and you're in.

About a third of female twelfth graders fake bake, and I hope your daughter or granddaughter isn't one of them. Just because her friends' parents are morons doesn't mean you need to be a moron, too. Send her outside to get some real healthy full-spectrum UV light instead.

Because there's one word American parents are going to have to learn if we want to keep tanning beds from becoming death beds... if we're serious about saving our girls from a lifetime of radiation and disfiguring surgeries.

The word is "no." Start practicing it on your teen today, and I promise she'll thank you down the road.