Bosom butchers wrongly removed 1,000 breasts

Ask a woman who suffered through a double mastectomy how she's feeling, and she'll use some words guaranteed to break your heart.

She'll tell you she's depressed... or heartbroken. She may even admit she doesn't feel like a woman anymore.

But there's one adjective she's forgetting -- one word that best describes the thousands of women signing up for barbaric double mastectomies each year. But once you read what I tell you next, you'll never forget it.


Because leading researchers are now admitting that the double mastectomy is a mainstream snow job more useless than an ashtray on a motorcycle. And I pray that you or someone you love isn't the next victim.

A research team from the University of Michigan just analyzed 1,447 double mastectomy cases and found that a staggering 70% of the surgeries should NEVER have taken place. That's 1,013 women... more than 1,000 sets of breasts... thrown under the knife by mainstream cowards who didn't have the backbone to do their jobs.

We're talking about wives, sisters, mothers and grandmas who were diagnosed with breast cancer and wanted to -- or were advised to -- have their second breast removed as a precaution. Meanwhile, most of these gals didn't have aggressive breast cancer and had no serious family history of the disease.

To quote the Michigan researchers, there was absolutely no "clinical indication" for the surgery. That's scientist speak for "pointless."

Now I know what you're thinking -- what kind of surgeon would NEEDLESSLY hack apart a woman's body and subject her to the painful, debilitating ordeal of a lifetime? Let me tell you the kind -- we're talking about hack-happy surgeons who forget about you the minute you leave their operating rooms... who drive their BMWs to the country club, where they brag about how they're making the world a better place.

In other words, your typical egomaniacal mainstream surgeon.

Now, I can already hear the pink ribbon armies of breast cancer activists sharpening their swords, warning about how the war on breast cancer requires tough choices.

Well, they can haul that trash to the dump where it belongs. Let's get real -- breast cancer may be the only disease where the mainstream allows you to get life-altering, elective surgeries you don't need.

Try telling your doc you want to remove your leg as a precaution against arthritis -- he'll have you tossed in a looney bin alongside some ranting crazy who thinks he's Napoleon.

Breast cancer is terrifying, and the mainstream is too happy to capitalize on your fear with useless mammograms, radiation and surgeries. It's time to stop letting fear rule your life and start counting on two things you probably won't get at any surgery consultation.

Logic -- and a close look at the facts.