Anti-fat phonies take it on the chin

Let me give you a quick health tip that could add 15 years to your life. When you're looking for nutritional advice, don't trust a guy who's uglier than a monkey's armpit.

I'm talking about that fella who's so darn bony, you could play "Taps" on his rib cage. The one whose hair is as brittle as burnt straw, and whose skin is so waxy, Madame Tussaud's ought to put him out on exhibit.

He'd rather put a gun in his mouth than a steak -- in fact, he'll tell you it's practically the same thing.

Well, it's time to give these malnourished "health" Nazis a piece of unfriendly advice they're going to have no trouble following.

Drop dead.

In fact, these anti-fat crusaders may be keeling over by the millions according to new research just published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. The two-year study found that doctors who prescribe low-fat diets to diabetics aren't just sentencing them to early graves -- they're committing malpractice, plain and simple.

Researchers divided diabetics into two groups -- those on low-fat diets, and those sticking to the protein-rich, low-carb diets I've been recommending for years. And only the delicious, low-carb diet helped REVERSE inflammation and the deadly markers of diabetes and heart disease.

And you can bet that the low-carb folks, chowing down on tasty pot roast, grilled chicken, and fish, were a LOT happier than those anti-fat saps eating tofu-covered rice cakes.

This study is being published just two months after researchers from Cambridge University -- you know, the academic backwater where Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin went to school -- concluded that saturated fat IMPROVES your health and can turn back the tide on literally dozens of today's deadliest diseases.

Even the American Diabetes Association has finally seen the light and is recommending low-carb diets to folks looking to kick the insulin habit. The ADA and their army of clueless meat haters spent DECADES attacking protein pioneers like me and Dr. Bob Atkins.

I'm still waiting for an apology -- and it's too late for Dr. Atkins to get his.

If your doc is still a card-carrying member of the anti-fat cult, do yourself a favor and print this article for your next appointment. There's a good chance he doesn't read anything that doesn't have a Big Pharma logo on it.

And if you're looking to control your blood sugar and give your ticker a new lease on life, start loading up on meat and tuning out the health nuts.

Because most of them are uglier than a mud fence -- and their advice isn't much prettier.