Stressing out leads to checking out early

She has a "honey do" list longer than a country mile, and is always nagging her hubby to take out the trash.

He's always tossing his dirty dishes in the sink, even when he KNOWS the dishwasher is empty.

They used to start each day with a kiss and a cup of coffee -- but now, from sunup to sundown, they're fighting like a couple of underfed pitbulls.

And if this sounds like your marriage... if you've been swearing for years that your spouse is going to be the death of you... I have some news that's going to stop you in your tracks.

It all may be over A LOT sooner than you think.

A team of Danish scientists say a stressful home life is more than just a daily nuisance -- it could TRIPLE your chances of an early death!

Researchers studied 10,000 men and women between the ages of 36 and 52 -- we're talking about folks who should be in the PRIME of their adult lives. But lots of these guys and gals weren't kicking back at Little League games, watching the kids and grandkids in action -- in fact, many of them had kicked the bucket.

And an awful lot of them had one thing in common -- their home lives had become a house of horrors, filled with constant bickering with spouses, kids, and neighbors. Folks who reported arguing the most were up to three times more likely to bite the dust, courtesy of cancer, heart disease, stroke, you name it.

That old expression "happy wife, happy life" isn't just a recipe for peaceful living -- it may be a medical fact.

So if your home life is one shouting match after another, try counseling, meditation, or even counting to 10 before you lash out. Because unlike that house, car, or a bank account full of loot, anger is the one thing you can take with you straight to your grave.