Prostate cancer radiation leaves your marshmallows toasted

He'll tell you he's giving you a new lease on life. He'll tell you he's giving you the upper hand on a deadly disease that kills thousands of men like you every year.

But that radiologist aiming a nuclear ray at your scrotum may be about to give you something you didn't ask for, and you can bet your bottom dollar he's not about to mention it.

I'm talking about a dead, limp fish in your pants.

Because even the mainstream -- the same folks who never met a lie they wouldn't tell or a promise they wouldn't make -- is now admitting that if you opt for radiation to treat your prostate cancer, there's a good chance your manhood is going to be deader than Elvis.

And there probably isn't a darned thing they can do about it.

A new Mayo Clinic study has found that even the heavy-duty erectile dysfunction drug Cialis is worthless for men who are left impotent after radiation. Forget pitching a tent, friend -- your marshmallows are toasted.

About 120 men undergoing radiation for prostate cancer spent SIX MONTHS taking Cialis, and it didn't perform any better than placebo. Many of these fellas didn't get so much as a stir in their pants -- and some of them likely never will again.

In fact, researchers are warning that you should NEVER count on prescription drugs working if you end up impotent after radiation. It looks like you're going to need a priest, not Big Pharma, to raise that zombie from the dead.

Now lots of guys -- especially older fellas who may not spend much time rolling in the hay -- may think erectile dysfunction is a small price to pay for beating cancer. But trust me -- the price is much higher than the mainstream will ever admit.

Once you start radiation treatments, there's a 40% chance you'll NEVER have sex again -- and there's a good chance you're giving yourself MORE cancer! Not exactly the way it was explained to you, is it?

Recently Canadian researchers concluded that radiation for prostate cancer was causing permanent DNA damage that can leave you with bladder and rectal cancer. Plus, most prostate cancer tumors are so slow-growing that there is a 98% chance you're going to die of something else first -- even if you don't treat the cancer at all!

Friend, every time you drop your drawers and lay spread eagle under some radiation machine, you're flipping a coin. And while the mainstream is counting the cash, you're left picking up the pieces.

If you've been diagnosed with prostate cancer, ask your doc whether there's any harm in watchful waiting -- monitoring your tumors to see whether aggressive treatments are ever necessary. Odds are, it'll be the best decision you ever made.