Medical school leaders swimming in Big Pharma cash

We've been calling for reform. We've been calling for an end to the war on natural medicine, so tomorrow's doctors could learn to treat their patients with the safest, most effective therapies available.

But if we really want to fix medical education in this country, it turns out there's something else we should have been calling for all along.

An exterminator.

Because an appalling new study out of Pittsburgh proves that America's medical schools are infested with stinking rats masquerading as administrators, accepting MILLIONS in dirty Big Pharma cash.

And when you hear how many of them are doing it, you're going to be madder than a wet hen.

A team from the University of Pittsburgh studied the 50 largest drug companies selling in the U.S. market, and found that 47 of them had board members that were also serving in major leadership roles at U.S. medical schools. We're talking university presidents, deans... you name it.

These university hotshots are deciding the future of medical education from their ivory towers -- but it would appear those towers have drug-company logos painted on the sides. In fact, the medical schools administrators are racking in, ON AVERAGE, $312,564 a year in Big Pharma cash.

It takes just three years to become a millionaire on a Big Pharma board, and you'd better believe that money comes with more strings than the New York Philharmonic Orchestra!

Listen, I've been telling you for years that Big Pharma works so hard to influence medical education in America that they'd have you write your first prescription on the back of your diploma if they could.

The researchers, who are probably just hours from being slapped with drug company subpoenas, were careful to point out that they're not accusing any administrators or drug companies of anything illegal. And they're right -- it's not against the law in the United States for a medical school administrator to serve on a drug company board.

But just because it's legal doesn't make it right. And it's time we put those donkeys in Congress... those folks who are SUPPOSED to represent our best interests... to work ending this disgusting practice once and for all.

Find your member of Congress here, and tell him it's high time we passed a law banning medical school administrators from serving on Big Pharma boards.

Because there ought to be more to medical education in America than listening to drug company sales pitches. And you ought to be able to walk into any university president's office and not catch him puffing a cigar as he counts stacks of dirty money with some Big Pharma rep at his side.