No more getting stiffed by ED pills

Remember the good old days when all it took to get lucky was a roaring fire and a nice bottle of champagne? Well, these days you're not popping as many corks as dangerous pills.

If the idea of inviting Big Pharma into your bedroom has always felt a little less than romantic... if you're tired of risking a stroke or vision loss just to make love... some Australian researchers are about to make you the deal of the century.

Because they've found a way to CURE your erectile dysfunction without TOUCHING another pill. In their study of 800 men, scientists from the University of Adelaide decided to step away from pill-popping symptom control and actually treat the underlying causes of impotence. (Imagine that!)

We're talking about heart disease, sleep apnea, obesity -- all the conditions that can keep Mr. Johnson from giving the full salute. And once those underlying conditions were treated, a staggering 29% of men cured their erectile dysfunction without popping a single pill.

Listen, there's nothing more embarrassing than when your soldier won't stand at attention, but most docs never take the time to figure out why. They're so eager to get you out of their offices, they can't write that Viagra prescription fast enough.

But if you're ready to throw Big Pharma out of the sack once and for all, make an appointment and tell your doc you're ready to start treating the disease -- not just the symptoms. Because the last thing you want to be whispering in your sweetie's ear is another apology.