Study proves breast cancer radiation is for boobs

When you're fighting breast cancer, the mainstream can't decide what it wants to do first -- fill your body with poison, or fill your head with nonsense.

Before long you'll swear you were just drafted by the Dodgers as they start blathering on and on about your care "team" and how you'll win this fight against cancer together. But then, the next thing you know your radiation technician is sprinting out of the room like her hair is on fire, hunkering down in some lead-lined bunker.

Some team player!

Well, friend, cut her some slack, because she knows something you don't. And once you hear what I'm about to tell you, it's going to take a cattle prod and a straitjacket to EVER get you under a radiation machine again.

That's because British researchers have finally pulled back the curtain on the deadly radiation scam mainstream medicine has been forcing on desperate women like you for decades. In fact, they've PROVEN once and for all that radiation may be more likely to KILL YOU THAN CURE YOU!

Shocked? Well, you haven't heard anything yet.

Researchers studied nearly 4,000 breast cancer cases over 18 years to see if radiation was delivering any benefit whatsoever to the countless gals receiving it. And guess what?

If your breast cancer hasn't spread to your lymph nodes -- which it hasn't for 60% of women diagnosed with breast cancer -- radiation is positively USELESS! It has no effect whatsoever on whether your cancer returns or whether it's going to kill you.

In fact, the only guarantee radiation can deliver for these 60% of breast cancer patients is that there's a good chance it's tearing their hearts to tatters. A study by leading Harvard scientists found that radiation actually increases your risk of deadly heart disease.

That means there are THOUSANDS of women each year who are getting a mainstream cancer treatment that's more likely to kill them than make them well.

Don't be one of them. Ditch all this politically correct nonsense about being part of a team, and remember that it's up to YOU to make the right decisions for your treatment -- even if it puts a dent in your surgeon's or oncologist's bank account.

So if your breast cancer hasn't spread to your lymph nodes and some mainstream doc is trying to sign you up for weeks of sickening radiation, give him a little reminder about this "team" he keeps talking about.

You're the captain. And the decision is yours alone.