Garbage: It's what's for dinner

Whether you're a rescue mutt or a pedigreed hound, I love dogs of all shapes and sizes. But if you're going to be a pooch in my house, you have to follow two simple rules -- do your business outside and don't eat out of the trash.

And the second I find ol' Fido munching on garbage, he's going to get a firm scolding and a night in the doghouse.

And now it's your turn. Because a new dust-up in Maine is proving once and for all that you've been eating trash for years -- and it's time we had a serious chat.

Maine farmers are fighting tooth and nail to stop a new federal regulation that would keep them from feeding GARBAGE to the same cows they're selling to you as "Grade A" beef. Talk about grading on a curve!

You see, for years Maine's breweries have been using fresh grains to make their beers, and then giving the spent, used-up waste to farmers to use as cattle feed. This grain is such useless trash that most breweries don't even charge for it!

And the cattle devouring this debris aren't especially useful for you, either. Grain-fed beef is a nutritional wasteland, lacking most of the nutrients and healthy fats you'll find in grass-fed meat. Plus, grains are such an unhealthy, unnatural diet that cows are often pumped full of hormones and antibiotics just to keep them alive long enough to slaughter.

There's nothing more important to your health than what you put in your body, so stick to organic beef fed the same natural grass they'd eat in the wild. Because when you chow down on that discount, supermarket, grain-fed beef, you're not eating real meat the way Mother Nature intended.

You're eating garbage.