Mainstream crying "fowl" over pro-fat study

He's the same age as you, but he looks 10 years younger. He still hasn't loss a strand of his hair, and he's probably been wearing the same size jeans since high school. While you're struggling to get up the stairs, he's out playing 18 holes a day.

And you just hate him, don't you?

Who can blame you? We all know someone who has what I call Peter Pan Syndrome. They never grow up and never seem to age, even while you're collecting more wrinkles than a seersucker suit.

Well, if you want to become one of these superhumans, you're not going to find the answer in their genetic codes -- but you may find it in their refrigerators.

Because a new study out of Japan proves that if you want to live to 100... if you want to stay sharper than a barber's razor... it's time to put down the tofu and pick up a steak knife.

This research, just published in one of the top American journals on aging, found that seniors who ate the most protein -- we're talking the good stuff, like beef, fish, and poultry -- slashed their risk of mental and physical decline by a whopping 39%!

And this was no short-term gain either. These folks were followed well into their 70s, when lots of us can't remember which day the trash man comes, let alone the names of all 20 grandkids.

The results were unbelievable -- that is, if you're a slave to the mainstream medicine mentality. Because the ink wasn't dry on this groundbreaking research before every meat-hating yahoo in the mainstream had fired up his propaganda machine to attack it.

They tried every pathetic trick in the book, even arguing that just because it worked for Japanese men doesn't mean it will work for you. These weren't MARTIANS -- they were Japanese seniors for goodness sakes! These same mainstream stooges cheer for overseas studies when they back some wonder drug, but the minute one proves that fat is good for you they throw up the caution flags.

Hogwash. As I told you at the beginning of this week, the anti-meat crowd is so hell bent on attacking fat that they're still swearing by a 60-year-old, discredited heart disease study conducted by a scientist who "coincidentally" left out all of that data that didn't agree with his hypothesis! < a href="">Click here to catch up on that shocking revelation.

Have you ever sent your wife flowers and saw what they looked like a week later? That's your aging brain without protein. And protein is the best way to stave off the dangerous and permanent muscle loss we all face as we get along in years.

So if you're tired of shuffling along, looking and FEELING older than you are, it's time to tear down the mainstream's sacred cows and cook one up for dinner instead. You just may find you're one of those superhumans after all.