A patch even a Boy Scout wouldn't want

You've pulled down the shades. You've stocked up on bottled water, batteries, and six months' worth of frozen dinners.

You're prepared to hunker down all winter... all spring if you have to... just to keep from dealing with those flu vaccine crazies waiting to jab you in the arm at every drug store, supermarket, and pop-up medical clinic.

Well, friend, beware that knock on your door. Because it looks like Uncle Sam may be heading straight to your home in a new plot to force the flu vaccine into your veins -- and he'll probably climb through the bathroom window if he has to.

Researchers at Georgia Tech have just announced that the flu vaccine is about to start making house calls, and you'll soon be able to give yourself the shot without any doctor or nurse to hold your hand and offer you a sticker. It's all thanks to the world's first ever flu vaccine patch, an adhesive eyesore that uses 50 microneedles to simultaneously inject you with dangerous flu strain.

They're calling it a breakthrough... a miracle of medicine... but let's call it what it really is, a miracle of marketing. I've heard of building a better mousetrap, but let's make sure the damned thing catches mice first!

People don't skip the flu shot because they hate needles -- they skip it because it's WORTHLESS! The flu vaccine stops influenza less than 2% of the time, and there isn't a shred of evidence that this year's vaccine is doing any better.

So whether you get your flu shot through a syringe, a patch, or from the magic wands of fairies, don't expect for a second that it's going to keep you safe from weeks of flu misery.

Big Pharma could have gotten serious about this billion-dollar flu fraud. It could have tapped into its never-ending supply of cash to develop a flu vaccine that's actually worth the $25 you're spending on it.

But instead they decided to let it all ride on the practically worthless tired old vaccine. The flu patch is just the latest swindle meant to separate you from your hard earned cash. In fact, researchers think the patch may increase vaccinations by 41%, and you'd better believe Big Pharma is already counting the cash.

Do yourself a favor, and don't throw another red cent into the coffers of the flu-marketing-machine. Instead, when Big Pharma starts rolling out its glitzy, celebrity commercials about the hottest new way to get your flu shot, stick that patch right where it belongs -- over their mouths.