Nasty nanoparticles destroy human cells on contact

Everything is getting smaller these days. You used to need a bodybuilder and a crane to move a television set, but now you can download Bonanza reruns right to your wristwatch.

And while Corporate America is asking you to swallow the whole miniaturization trend hook, line and sinker, you'd better make sure you don't breathe it. Because the same chemicals these fat cats are using to sell you pocket-sized computers may be tearing your lungs to shreds.

Missouri researchers just wrapped up a study where they exposed human lung cells to the metal oxide nanoparticles found in electronics, cosmetics, and even Big Pharma pills. And the end result was a biological apocalypse that ought to be a four-alarm wakeup call to every consumer in America.

Turns out a jaw-dropping 80% of the cells that came into contact with copper oxide and zinc oxide nanoparticles were killed on contact! That's right. When it came to killing your cells, nanoparticles were only 20% less effective than boiling yourself alive!

And these nasty nanoparticles don't stop there. As I've told you before, nanoparticles have been linked to chromosome damage that could trigger everything from heart disease to cancer. It's all because these tiny particles can slip right past your cell membranes and run amok like an angry bull in a china shop.

Nanoparticle use is exploding like a powder keg in a volcano, and the industry is one of the most grossly under-regulated in the entire world. Make sure you use this database to find out which products are made with nanotechnology, and do your best to avoid them. Because when it comes to keeping you safe, once again Uncle Sam is coming up small.