Flu vaccine fright squad attacks grieving parents

When it comes to frightening folks into taking the flu vaccine, the mainstream media isn't above a little name calling. Tell them you're not ready to roll up your sleeve for a shot that sickens more people than it helps, and they'll call you irresponsible... heck, they've even been known to call you stupid.

But now these bullying slime balls are slinging around their most despicable slur yet. They had the nerve to call a young woman who was fighting for her life a baby killer.

You heard that right. The media and mainstream medicine -- which have worked hand in hand to turn abortion into an outpatient, conveyor belt procedure over the past 40 years -- actually had the nerve to accuse an Arkansas woman of killing her unborn baby because she made an informed decision (one supported by her OB-GYN no less!) to skip the flu vaccine.

The left-wing nuts with a megaphone over at CNN reported that a 29-year-old Arkansas woman miscarried at five months after she got a very bad case of the flu. The poor gal, who suffered a variety of complications, was on a ventilator and unable to defend herself, which probably suited CNN just fine.

After all, they don't need another embarrassment like when they botched their reporting on the Boston Marathon bombing or on the Supreme Court's Obamacare decision. These CNN reporters take more wrong turns than Mr. Magoo!

Tragically, the young woman has now lost her battle. The worst part is that some rotten doc who wasn't even treating her had the audacity to suggest that the flu vaccine could have prevented the entire tragedy. They ought to take that doc's medical license away... or get her a muzzle... or BOTH!

These mainstream ignoramuses talk about the flu vaccine like it's some sort of magical cure-all. The truth is that last year's flu vaccine failed 91% of the time for vulnerable populations like seniors. And there's NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that this year's vaccine is going to perform any better.

But do you know what there IS evidence for? An inflammatory response to the flu shot that some researchers believe could lead to complications with pregnancies. So who in their right mind could blame a would-be mom for skipping a shot that probably wouldn't work, and that leaves countless pregnant women feeling sick and miserable?

Here's the truth -- the drug companies base the flu vaccine on nothing but a guess about which strains will be prevalent in any given year. And the guessing is being done by the very same corporations that introduced Vioxx and other potentially deadly drugs to the market. So, trust me, these geniuses don't exactly have a crystal ball.

You know that, and CNN should have known that too. Yet they chose to drag a defenseless woman and her deceased baby through the mud, simply to scare you into getting a flu vaccine.

This woman and her husband deserved better... their baby deserved better... and so do you.