Uncle Sam is blowing smoke in the war on tobacco

Uncle Sam has made it clearer than ever that he won't rest until he's wiped out every last tobacco product from sea to shining sea. And once he does, life won't be worth living any more.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just announced that the smoking rate in America has plunged to an anemic 18% -- one of the lowest rates in the developed world.

And this is what they wanted, right? They've taxed the bejeezus out of tobacco until you practically need a credit check to buy a pack of Lucky Strikes. They slashed the smoking rate by nearly 60% in a generation, slashing THOUSANDS of American jobs right along with it.

But, like a rookie poker player, Uncle Sam has shown all his cards. He's come right out and admitted he wants to eliminate your right to smoke entirely. During the same week the CDC data was released, Obama's health secretary called for renewed attacks on the tobacco industry, saying she wanted the next generation to be completely "tobacco free."

You know, as in a smoking rate of zero. Maybe she should tell that to her boss, who spent his first term puffing away in the Oval Office. Meanwhile, anti-tobacco activists are calling for even higher taxes on tobacco. Get ready for that $20 pack of smokes!

Remember when those nanny-state anti-tobacco activists swore that they weren't going after your right to smoke? Remember how they swore all they cared about was seven-year-old, pigtailed Suzie and her right to go out to eat without seeing a grown man smoking eight tables away?

Well, you know what that was? Let me give you a hint -- it starts with bull and ends with pucky.

But you can't even point that out these days without some leftist lecturing you about the dangers of smoking. Well, tell your hippy friends to put down their trail mix, and dig in to every major study on tobacco over the past 60 years (as I have). When they're done they'll have to call me and every smoker they know to apologize.

The fact is, tobacco is one of the healthiest plants to ever sprout from God's great green Earth. Did you know that tobacco may help you ward off Alzheimer's or Parkinson's? Or that it could even help keep you from needing a joint replacement?

But you won't hear that from Uncle Sam or the anti-tobacco groups spending MILLIONS on taking yet another one of your rights away. But you'll hear it right here, because there are only two things you'll ever find me lobbying for -- truth and sanity.