BPA spurs deadly prostate tumors within two weeks

It's ironic. Those tanned, musclebound meatheads at the gym work themselves into a lather trying to look more attractive to the opposite sex. But every time they stop their grunting and snorting long enough to take a swig from a water bottle, they're actually moving one step closer to being the opposite of a ladies' man -- impotent and in diapers.

Unfortunately, lots of fellas could soon find themselves in the adult diaper section of their local drugstore thanks to a deadly, cancer-causing chemical our own government swears is safe. In a new study just published in the journal Endocrinology, researchers proved that bisphenol-A (BPA), the deadly hardening chemical used in water bottles and other food packaging, could cause prostate cancer.

Researchers injected mice with human prostate cells and then exposed them to regular doses of BPA. And guess how long it took for the mice to start churning out prostate cancer cells like some Burmese sweatshop? Not 20 years of exposure. Not even two years of exposure. Nope, try just TWO WEEKS!

It's just more proof that the FDA is full of garbage when it says that BPA is unsafe for babies, but somehow as safe as mom's chicken soup for the rest of us.

If you've been reading the Daily Dose for a while, first of all, congratulations on your impeccable taste. And second, I hope you've been staying far away from BPA, since I've already told you the creepy chemical has been linked to everything from headaches to heart attacks.

And now we can add prostate cancer to that list. So if you're not too keen on the idea of spending your golden years impotent and -- thanks to horrifying prostate cancer surgery ¬-- incontinent, do yourself a favor and make this the year you go BPA-free.