Blacklisted cure slashes diabetes death risk 50%

When I exiled myself overseas, far from the prying eyes -- and wiretaps -- of Uncle Sam, it wasn't to broadcast a few ideas on how mainstream medicine could be tweaked around the edges.

With mainstream doctors and our own government in the pocket of billion dollar pharmaceutical companies, I knew we needed a REVOLUTION. But for years I watched as brilliant healers who were challenging the status quo were attacked, discredited through lies, and even thrown in handcuffs.

And the mainstream establishment is ready to attack again, all in the name of continuing one of the greatest cover-ups in medical history -- a cover-up that's keeping you from a potentially lifesaving remedy that could heal your heart, wipe away diabetes, and prolong your life by years!

At a recent meeting of the American Heart Association, Dr. Esteban Escolar released exciting research proving that chelation, a process that removes poisonous heavy metals and calcium deposits from your body, could be a lifesaver for MILLIONS of diabetics. Now he needs to watch his back, because the mainstream has its daggers out.

Dr. Escolar is participating in the Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT) that's led by Dr. Gervasio Lamas of Mount Sinai Medical Center. Already the TACT study has shown dramatic reductions in heart attacks, strokes, and death among volunteers who received chelation. As I've told you before, chelation can actually dissolve and remove artery-clogging calcium deposits from your body.

And now, according to Dr. Escolar's latest research, diabetics who received chelation infusions cut their death rate in HALF! They even slashed their heart attack risk by an amazing 40%!

So how is the mainstream reacting to the groundbreaking TACT study? According to Dr. Lamas, the reaction has been skepticism and even mockery. And that's no surprise. At a meeting of the American College of Medical Toxicology, doctors were told to report their colleagues who use chelation, even though it's approved by the FDA! It's a tactic even Joe McCarthy couldn't have invented!

When I tell you the mainstream's war on chelation represents one of the greatest cover-ups in medicine, I'm not kidding. If you are being treated right now for heart disease or diabetes, chelation is a proven and potentially life-saving therapy option.

So has ANY doctor EVER talked to you about it? These same docs write prescriptions for deadly pills faster than Jesse James could draw his gun, but they can't have a five-minute conversation with you about an affordable therapy that could save your life.

And it's all because chelation doesn't make Big Pharma a penny, and these dogs always listen to their masters. But you have a tiger on YOUR side, and I'm going to keep bringing you the truth -- even if I have to do it from exile.