The easiest way to grow brain cells

Forget crossword puzzles and Trivial Pursuit. If you really want to boost your brain as you age, I've got something way more fun: SEX!

New research shows that regular sex can speed the growth of new brain cells, at least in rats.

More specifically, the middle-aged rats in the study grew extra neurons in the hippocampus, or the part of the brain where memories are made. These are also the cells needed for cognitive function -- and the cells that often start to struggle as you age.

In a way, it's as if sex can undo the effects of aging.

But it's not a one-and-done deal. To get the benefits, you need regular sex -- because when the rats stopped "doing it," the new brain cells stopped growing at the faster rate.

Of course, unlike humans, rats are pretty much always having sex. They spend most of their waking hours either eating or going at it (not a bad life, if you ask me), so it's hard to say if the results would be the same in the humans.

I suggest you conduct some experiments of your own. If you don't notice any benefits, make like a rat and keep trying.

And even if regular sex doesn't help your brain, there are plenty of other proven benefits: It can boost your immune system, lift your mood, protect your heart and even make your face look younger. (It's true! Read this for more.)

Some older folks are afraid of sex, thinking it could cause a heart attack. This is a myth; sex is perfectly safe for those with heart disease and in most cases even after a heart attack.

You can even do it after heart failure -- but speak to your doctor first.

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