Not all lung tumors will hurt you

I don't care what you've been told elsewhere, cancer is NOT a death sentence, and treatment is NOT your only option.

Fact is, many tumors are completely harmless. It's true of most prostate tumors and many breast tumors, as even the mainstream now admits, and it's even true of the so-called "deadliest" cancer.

That's lung cancer, and new research confirms that at least a fifth of all cases are completely harmless. Not benign tumors, but true cancers that -- like many breast and prostate tumors -- grow so slowly they would never pose a threat.

That means they don't need to be treated, either. But of course, they usually are -- and often with devastating results, because cancer treatments such as chemo, surgery and radiation can be worse than the disease.

If you ask me, I believe many of the so-called cancer deaths -- including many of the 150,000 lung cancer deaths each year -- are caused by those treatments, and NOT the cancer itself.

I'm not saying lung cancers never need treatment, mind you. But you'd be surprised at how often it doesn't -- and how many options you really have when it does.

In some cases, the best approach may be to do nothing at all. In others, completely natural therapies can help ensure a harmless tumor remains harmless or even cure (yes, CURE) an aggressive one.

That's why the first appointment you need to make after any cancer diagnosis isn't to the surgeon. It's to a naturopathic physician experienced in dealing with cancer cases.

I recommend working with a member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.