How to buy a flu panic

A stock analyst who gets on TV and yells "BUY! BUY! BUY" without mentioning he owns a stake in the company can get locked up and thrown in jail -- but so-called medical experts with Big Pharma ties get away with the same darned thing every single day.

And NOTHING ever happens to them.

At least with the stock recommendations all that's on the line is money. When it comes to Big Pharma hacks talking up drugs and vaccines, LIVES are on the line.

Case in point: the pig panic, aka swine flu, aka the epidemic that wasn't.

So-called experts climbed over themselves to get on TV trying to outdo each other with increasingly dire predictions such as mass infection, millions of deaths and bodies stacked up in the streets like a modern day version of the Black Plague.

Well, a new study looks at who was making those predictions in the media and what links they had to the drug industry, and I don't think you'll be surprised in the least at what it found.

"Experts" with one hand in the Big Pharma piggy bank were six times more likely to give dire predictions about swine flu than the independent voices. And the ones who pushed antiviral drugs for flu were eight times more likely to have financial conflicts than experts who didn't mention them at all.

And in all but a few cases, the ties to the drug industry weren't mentioned in the media coverage. (Why would they? The media's in on this, too.)

But the vaccine they were pushing wasn't just worthless. It was DANGEROUS -- causing people to pass out, get sick and even drop dead. And some people are STILL dealing with lingering side effects such as narcolepsy and nerve disorders.

Lesson here is to ignore the media hype, get informed and make your own decisions -- whether it's on swine flu, this year's flu or anything else out there.

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