New nonsense over HPV vaccines

Someone's getting desperate!

Sales of HPV shots are plunging faster than No-bama's approval ratings as even parents who sign their kids up for every vaccine that comes down the pike turn away from this one in droves.

So now, Big Pharma has an offer they hope you can't refuse.

Instead of subjecting your little ones to the usual dangerous, expensive and painful three-shot sequence, bring them in for just one dangerous, expensive and painful shot.

This comes after a failed attempt to get people to sign their kids up for two shots. What's next -- half a shot?

Maybe they'll throw in a free toaster, too!

On the other hand, they're absolutely right when they say one shot is about as effective as three -- because the entire three-shot sequence isn't worth a darn in the first place.

HPV shots are often called "cervical cancer vaccines," especially by Big Pharma's in-the-tank media pals. In reality, the shot offers only SOME protection against SOME of the strains of HPV responsible for cervical cancer -- and that protection might run out in just a few years.

In exchange for that very limited protection (if you can even call it that), your daughter or granddaughter faces some of the worst risks of any vaccine -- including devastating nervous system disorders, permanent disability and even death.

(Get the shocking truth in this free report from the Daily Dose archives).

HPV shots need to be taken off the market -- and pronto -- but Big Pharma and its CDC lackeys are actually pushing to expand them to boys as well as girls.

Don't fall for it.

The human immune system will clear HPV 90 percent of the time, no shots or drugs necessary. Boost your immune system, and that number will likely climb even higher.

More importantly, HPV is a sexually transmitted virus. Teach your daughters (and sons, for that matter) to be responsible and abstinent. It's safe, painless, free and 100 percent effective.

There's not a shot in the world that can promise all that.

I'm not done with kids' health yet -- especially girls. Keep reading!