Girls are growing up faster than ever

We're swimming in so much estrogen it's a wonder we're not drowning in it -- and if you think all those excess hormones are damaging us adults, wait 'til you see what it's doing to kids.

Especially little girls.

Little girls are hitting puberty earlier than ever, according to the latest research --with overweight and obese girls now developing breasts at 8 years old.

Yes, 8 years old.

That's second and third grade in most places!

This is more than just the inconvenience of having to take a young child shopping for a bra. Early puberty is a serious developmental issue that can lead to behavior problems in the short run and cancer over the long haul.

Everyone's looking for the reason for this surge in early puberty and today, I'll give you two: Estrogen... and more estrogen.

The first estrogen comes from obesity, as fat causes the body to produce more female hormones.

The second comes from outside -- all the estrogens around us, in estrogen-like chemicals such as BPA and plant estrogens such as soy.

Next thing you know, your chubby little girl is a fat woman -- and she's still in elementary school. And while the new study focused on girls, this estrogen crisis extends to boys as well.

They're also getting female hormones from obesity and the environment -- and that's why we're seeing so many pudgy and effeminate little girly-men running around these days (and most of them need bras of their own).

Consider this a wakeup call.

First, help keep the kids and grandkids in your life trim. It's not hard; kids are calorie-burning machines -- just keep them away from junk and fast food, and make sure they're outside playing and not parked in front of the boob tube.

And second, limit exposure to all those other estrogens. Start by eliminating soy and all packaged goods from their diet.

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