Talk your blues away

If you want to beat depression, you can-- and you don't need to swallow a single crazy pill to do it, because new research proves what I've said all along: Just about anything works as well as or better than antidepressant drugs.

In this case, researchers tallied up the results of nearly 200 studies on a combined 15,000 or so patients on seven different forms of psychotherapy versus patients on a waiting list, or patients taking common antidepressant drugs.

And in every case, the psychobabble sessions did the trick as well as the meds, according to the study in PLOS Medicine.

Sounds great... but do you want to know what else works about as well as drugs? Anything you can think of!

Fact is, meds barely beat placebos in many studies, so they're hardly the gold standard of what works for depression patients. And as long as you're looking for a "placebo," why not pick something fun like skiing, fishing, or art lessons?

(One natural herb has been safely fighting the blues for hundreds of years. And best of all it is super-cheap and widely available in just about any health food or drug store. Well, that is unless... and until... the Big Pharma shills known as pharmacists get their way. Read the whole sordid tale here.)

Trust me... they'll work just as well, if not better -- in part because time alone resolves most cases of depression, and in part because having fun releases depression-busting endorphins.

Psychotherapy may help pass the time... but don't expect any endorphins out of it unless you have some odd ideas about "fun."

On the other hand, if you feel like you "need" to be in the care of someone with a degree hanging on the wall, then go right ahead and see a shrink -- just be sure it's the talking kind, not the medicating kind.

And if your depression doesn't fade with psychotherapy (or fishing, or whatever else you try) don't give in and go for the meds. Go to the source of the problem instead and give your brain the nutrients it's screaming for.

Start with the B vitamins and healthy fats found in meat. And really, is there anything better for boosting the mood than a juicy steak?

I don't think so.