Never go shopping on an empty stomach

When you're hungry, everything looks like food -- and when you're hungry in the supermarket, you know what you get: A shopping cart filled to the brim with potato chips and other junk you don't want or need.

That's not just a recipe for overspending at the cash register. It's a recipe for diet disaster, since all that stuff goes into your pantry instead of the trashcan where it belongs.

Don't feel too bad, you're hardly the first or only person to load up on junk the moment your stomach growls. It's nearly everyone -- with one new study showing that hungry shoppers buy 18.6 percent more food overall and 31 percent more high-calorie junk food.

Obviously, the lesson here is never go to the supermarket on an empty stomach. But I've got an ever better idea: Why go to the supermarket at all?

Close to 99 percent of supermarket food is 100 percent junk. You might need to make an occasional trip for things like cooking oil and toilet paper, but most weeks you can skip it completely.

Instead, get your meats from a quality butcher and in-season produce either right from the farm or a farmer's market. If you have access to neither, you may be able to bring the farm to you -- Google "CSA" for "community-supported agriculture."

Usually, you pay one up-front fee for fresh vegetables all season delivered to a pick-up point near your home. Some may offer raw milk as well.

(Don't even bother with that supermarket slop they call "milk." To learn more, and find out about making the switch to real raw milk, click here.)

Sure, quality foods will cost you a little more pound-for-pound. They're worth every penny if you ask me -- and if you're not wasting money on supermarket junk, you could actually find yourself spending less overall even as you eat better.