The single most important mineral for heart health

Like wasting time?

Enjoy being poked and prodded with needles until you feel like a voodoo doll?

Excited by the idea of endless boilerplate lectures from your doctor about the supposed dangers of "high" LDL cholesterol levels?

Then go ahead -- schedule that cholesterol test, and all your dreams will come true.

If, on the other hand, you'd like to give your heart the REAL protection it needs to stay healthy and strong, skip the tests and lectures and boost your magnesium levels instead -- because two new studies confirm everything I've been telling you about this essential mineral.

The first finds -- not surprisingly -- that magnesium levels are a much more reliable indicator of heart risk than anything your doctor is using right now, including those worthless cholesterol checks.

The review of 70 years of research confirms that the lower your magnesium levels, the higher your heart risk, period.

Now, if you're a longtime Dose reader, you know I'm not a huge fan of these types of studies, even when I agree with them. It's just too easy to cook the books when you pick and choose years of research for your analysis.

But in this case the findings pan out as another new study confirms those same findings, revealing a more direct link between low magnesium and high heart risk.

This one split 7,664 Dutch men and women into five groups based on magnesium levels, and found that those with the lowest -- the bottom 20 percent -- were 60 percent more likely to suffer ischemic heart disease than everyone else.

That's bad. Ready for worse? They were also 70 percent more likely to DIE of it.

And now, here's even worse than worse: If you're eating anything remotely resembling the modern diet, your own magnesium levels are woefully inadequate.

Heck, even a healthy diet usually won't cut the mustard for magnesium (although mustard greens are one source), since it's tough to get what you truly need from food alone.

Take a supplement instead. They're cheap, safe, and easy to find.

And, of course, this isn't the first time I've told you about this heart-healthy mineral. In fact, if you're in your golden years you could be slashing your heart risk in half with magnesium. I explained exactly how last year. If you missed that Dose, just click here to read the whole story.