Breast screenings unsafe at any price


That's how retailers sell everything from shoddy clothes to junk jewelry -- and now, that's how the cancer industry is gearing up to sell mammograms.

A new study out of Japan claims that cutting the copay out of the mammogram equation can almost double the rate of screenings practically overnight.

What's next? Them paying you to get screened? Don't think that can't happen, since cancer docs know they'll still make big money off all the women conned into treatment as a result of those mammograms.

But there's a reason they have to resort to these Value Menu tactics -- and it's because mammogram rates are steadily falling as women learn the truth: Breast screenings ruin far more lives than they ever save.

Mammograms have led to a boom in toxic and disfiguring cancer treatments, but they've barely made a dent in the disease's death rate -- a sure sign that most of the tumors they detect are harmless.

(I revealed the whole ugly truth about mammograms to Daily Dose readers last year. If you missed that issue, click here to read it now. It could save someone you care about from unnecessary and dangerous treatments...or worse.)

But once you hear the "C" word, you don't think "harmless."

You think "deadly," and you'll do anything to have that tumor removed -- and docs are only too happy to comply, which is exactly why this disease has been recklessly over-treated.

So stick to your guns, ladies. The one way to make sure you're not a victim in this scam is to avoid the mammogram, no matter how much -- or how little -- it costs.

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