Mammograms cause psychological damage

Mammograms can scar a woman for life -- even when she doesn't have a tumor!

Up to 61 percent of women who get screened regularly experience a false positive, but there's nothing "false" about it when you first get the news that something's amiss.

No, you get a crash course in the Kübler-Ross stages of grief -- denial, anger, bargaining...the works.

Nearly all women lose sleep. How could they not? It's CANCER!

Many battle actual physical symptoms, including nausea and vomiting. And some even update their wills and start saying their goodbyes.

All that angst doesn't vanish when a follow-up finds that it's not a tumor after all. No, it lingers for years -- with new research showing that women who get false positives battle many of the same psychological issues as patients with actual cancers.

Over six months, women with false positives suffer the same loss in "existential values" and "inner calmness" as cancer patients, according to the new study out of Denmark. False positives also make women more pessimistic and anxious, and they can even suffer sexual problems.

And some of those problems can linger for as much as THREE YEARS after the cancer scare.

That's not even a "scare" at that point. That's a disease of its own -- and it's not caused by cancer.

It's caused by cancer screenings.

If there's a bright spot here, it's that some women are so put off by this trauma that they never get a mammogram again.

They're on the right track, but I've got a much better idea: Don't wait for a false positive before you quit mammograms. Quit now, while you're still ahead -- because these screenings don't save lives.

All they do is pad surgeons' bank accounts, because while years of mammograms have caused the number of operations to skyrocket, it's barely made a dent in the death rate.

Not what you've heard, I know.

But it's TRUE -- and I've got the science to back me up. In fact, I wrote all about it in the Daily Dose just last year. To learn the ugly truth about mammograms click here.