The deadliest catch

You could be poisoning yourself at every meal -- and it's all because of a food you've been told is healthy. A food that SHOULD be healthy, but is instead contaminated with one of the most toxic heavy metals on earth.

And all you have to do is eat fish.

Seafood is now the number one cause of mercury poisoning in the country, according to an alarming new report from CBS News, with up to 84 percent of all fish sampled testing positive for high levels of this powerful and deadly neurotoxin.

And what makes this so much worse -- what's turning this into a CRISIS -- is that most docs still don't know how to recognize the warning signs of mercury poisoning.

The result: Patients suffering from a debilitating "mystery" disease are poked and prodded and told all their test results are normal. They're given misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis -- and in some case, they're even told they must have some kind of mental condition.

One victim, the head of the IMAX film company, was vibrant, active, and healthy -- and then one day his world came crashing down around him.

He was so weak he needed help crossing the street!

His doctors first thought he had MS, among other misdiagnoses. Eventually, they tested for mercury and found the real cause -- and traced it to his twice-a-day seafood habit.

But it took them so long that he's resigned himself to the fact that he might never be the same again.


First, if you or someone you love is among the growing number of people diagnosed with a debilitating "mystery illness," insist that your doctor test for mercury.

Quick action is critical here and can make the difference between a full recovery and leading the life of a cripple.

Second, it's time to change your seafood habits for good. Sorry, sushi lovers, but delicious fatty fish like tuna are now off the menu -- because they're most likely to be contaminated.

Finally, get your omega-3 fatty acids from a quality supplement instead of seafood.